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a robot and a human hand can be seen stretching out to access the Python code running in the background.

Python in Robotics: Building Intelligent Robots with Python

It needs no further research and conclusion that Python is the new king of programming languages. Almost every digital sector depends on Python for smooth and errorless programming. Python is not only simple and scalable but also supports several library packages that come with different tools and technologies. These tools and technologies help developers to simplify their complicated tasks. Furthermore, Python is widely used to build intelligent robots.

If you are a developer already, you are well aware of all this information. But if you are a newbie, you might find it tricky. Therefore, before you jump to the role of Python in developing robots, it is equally important for you to get a basic idea about robotics and Python. Moreover, you can pursue Python training in Bangalore to initiate your programming journey. In this article, we will talk about the introductory points of robotics and Python.

What is Robotics?

Even a kid these days knows what a robot is. A robot is an automated machine that can perform certain actions independently, similar to humans.

In scientific languages, robotics is the study of engineering that includes the conception, design, construction, operation, application and use of robots and their functions. However, a robot can carry out certain human activities, which means it doesn’t have to look identical to human beings. However, smart robots are developed and designed with a human-like appearance. Robotics runs on the programming of Python. You can also master programming robots if you do a Python course in Bangalore.

Types of Robotics

Robots are used in almost every high-end sector, like hospitals, large-scale industries, spaces, and households. Check the following points to know the types of robots used in different fields:


Hospitals use robots to assist doctors in critical heart, lung, brain and eye surgeries. AI technology led by Python help in bringing 3D images of the surgery site. Moreover, hospitals use robots to deliver medicines and collect samples for tests to avoid infection and mass contact during a pandemic. Furthermore, patients seek help from robots for easy movement.

Heavy Industry

Heavy industries like extrusion and other manufacturing industries use robots in cutting, welding, winding, and packaging. Moreover, they are the first to use robots daily to reduce tedious manual workload.

Exploration of Space

Scientists and astronauts use robots like the Hubble telescope, Voyager, Cassini, Sojourner and Perseverance to explore the mysteries of space. These robots take pictures and record videos while exploring space.

Military Field

Specialized intelligent robots carry certain information alongside risky jobs during warfare on military grounds. Robots like Centaur detects explosives. MUTT follows soldiers around and totes their gear. Finally, SAFFIR is used in naval vessels to extinguish the fire.


You can now tell who robots are in your house. Yes, your automatic vacuum cleaner and your favorite Alexa or Siri are all robots.


Your self-driving car is a robot. Didn’t you know?


Robots are the best friends of introverts. You can enjoy robot service in fancy and high-tech restaurants without facing human beings. Moreover, there are toy robots to pacify kids and even adults!

What is Python?

Python is a computer programming language ruling the digital world with its simple, open-source, flexible, scalable features. Undoubtedly, with a variety of library packages, right now Python is the most popular language in the world.

Python’s Role in AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are modern technologies and require different tools and technologies. You cannot function AI and ML with conventional software tools and technologies. AI and ML demand simple yet flexible and scalable tools. Python, being a superhero programming language, ticks off all these features. The extensive library packages offered by Python make developers’ tasks easy in developing robots. You can check the following Python-based packages for AI and ML:

  • SciPy used for advanced computing
  • Pandas in general-purpose data analysis
  • Seaborn is used in data visualization
  • For Machine Learning you can use TensorFlow, Keras, and Scikit-learn
  • NumPy is used for high-performance scientific computing and data analysis

Other libraries of Python, like NLTK, Caffee, PyTorch, and Accord.NET, are also used in different AI and ML projects.

Role of Python in Building Intelligent Robots

Artificial Intelligence is the key component required in building intelligent robots. AI increases the human-robot interaction and quality of robots. Robots are now working humans and are called co-bots.

Robot developers thus use AI to enhance the quality and efficiency of robots:

  • Vision

Robots can now identify and recognize objects they come in contact with. Moreover, these robots can bring out a complete analysis of those objects.

  • Manipulation

AI requires tools and technologies that can provide requirements equipped with different functions. Hence, AI in robots enables them to gain motor skills to grasp objects without ruining them.

  • Navigation

AI enables robots to move automatically and independently without human guidance. Moreover, they can avoid flow bottlenecks with the help of AI. Self-navigation is one of the smartest moves of intelligent robots.

  • Real-World Perception

Intelligent robots can replace human involvement. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, these robots can analyze objects and environments and identify patterns. Furthermore, they can even comprehend data.

You already know from the above discussion that AI and Ml require integral and complete support of Python. Therefore, Python is pivotal in building any robot, especially intelligent ones. Of course, other programming languages are similar to Python, but Python is considered the mother programming language of those languages. Hence, get your Python certification in Bangalore and be a master of Python programming.


Therefore, you can understand the importance of Python language in building an intelligent robot and the contribution of Python to the modern-day world. You can boost your career by pursuing robotics and automation that completely depends on Python programming. Last but not least, you can always start your Python training from the Best Python training institute in Bangalore.

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