What is JavaScript?

JavaScript (also known as JS) is a high level, dynamic, prototype-based scripting language which is used as one of the three core technologies for World Wide Web. It is used to make webpages interactive and provide even online games. It was so popular that all modern web browsers support it due to in-built JavaScript engine. Initially it was used in client-side (Front-end) in web browsers but now it is used in server-side programs also such as web servers and databases. With recent developments, JS is used in non-web programs also such as word processors and PDF. JavaScript has very few similarities with Java such as language name and syntax but JS was influenced by programming languages such as Self and Scheme.

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Trishana technologies offers you the most comprehensive, practical and job-oriented JavaScript course. Our JS course will help you build a strong foundation in web designing along with the excellent coding skills in JS. Our syllabus includes the fundamentals of web designing, basics of HTML and CSS, full theoretical knowledge about JS and real-life practical sessions on all the concepts used in JS. Our state-of-the-art facilities are well complemented with most skilful trainers and top-notch study materials. All our trainers have vast experience and work profile in JS and have rich teaching experience. Our study materials are prepared meticulously by experts for easier and clearer understanding of our students. We also offer best-in-class placement support with off-campus, direct interview, mock tests and interview study materials. You can confirm this by going through our 100% placement assistance.

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In this module we will learn about what is the JavaScript and benefits of the language. We can also learn how write the first JavaScript program.

Language Syntax

  • Variable declaration
  • Operators
  • Control Statements
  • Error Handling
  • Understanding arrays
  • Function Declaration

Built In Functions

  • Built In Functions
  • Standard Date and Time Functions

HTML Forms

  • HTML Document object Model
  • Working with HTML form and its elements


  • HTML Document object Model
  • Working with HTML form and its elements
  • Other Document Object Model


  • Working with cookies

Working with Objects and Classes

  • Working with Objects
  • Call method in JavaScript
  • Inheritance in JavaScript using prototype

Career Opportunities in JavaScript:

  • Javascript Developer
  • Web Developer - Javascript
  • Software Engineer - Javascript
  • Front-end Developer - Javascript
  • UI (user interface) Developer – Javascript

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