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IOT or Internet of things is a buzzword nowadays. However, most of the people are unaware of this concept and its raising popularity. The easiest explanation of IOT is that it is the virtual internet connection of each and every thing which is present around us and can be operated or managed over the internet. Since this concept is rapidly gaining popularity, one can consider learning it to give boost to their professional skills in technology. You can take up class room training or online training to learn this concept; however, it is necessary to choose a genuine institute to attain the certification.

What is IOT?

Internet of Things or IOT is a complete bionetwork of interconnected physical objects which can be handled, managed and accessed through internet. The main focus of IOT is physical Device networks, vehicles and homes. Also, other objects which are embraced in electronics, software sensors and connectivity mostly have embedded IOT technology. Broadly, everything which comes under the internet of things must be able to connect with the other objects and also intermingle the information.

Course Highlights

  • The prime focus of the institute is to make the aspirants adept with the industry work culture. Therefore, the professional tutors have an elaborate discussion with various industry experts post which they structure the courses.

  • 1000+ careers have been shaped by the tutors who continue to train plethora of students who wish to be IOT experts.

  • Since Trishana Technologies is a renowned institute, the certification attained from here helps the students in getting placed with some of the best MNC’s

    Trishana Technologies has a separate placement assistance cell which helps the students in getting placed with reputed companies across the globe.

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  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Web of Things (WoT): What's WoT?
  • IoT Devices
  • IoT Devices vs. Computers
  • Trends in the Adoption of IoT
  • IoT Is Powerful and Pervasive
  • Risks, Privacy, and Security
  • IoT Example: The Refrigerator

Interoperability in IoT

  • Introduction to Arduino Programming
  • Integration of Sensors and Actuators with Arduino
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi
  • Implementation of IoT with Raspberry Pi
  • Introduction to SDN
  • How each of the above would be applicable in our hands-on project
  • Installation of various packages necessary for project and list of tools

IoT Communication Protocols

  • Machine-to-Machine Communications
  • Understanding MQTT Protocol Basics
  • How it works?
  • Broker and client terminologies
  • Publisher and subscriber model

Cloud Computing

  • Communicating with the Cloud using Web Services.
  • Cloud Computing & IoT.
  • Popular Cloud Computing Services for Sensor Management.

Smart Cities and Smart Homes

  • Case Study: Agriculture, Healthcare, Activity Monitoring

Career Opportunities

  • IOT specialist leader
  • IOT solution specialist
  • IOT sales specialist
  • IOT cloud specialist
  • IOT channel executive

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