Microsoft Azure Training in Bangalore?

Microsoft Azure is a perfect blend of all the modern technologies like cloud, analytics, networking, database and web. With Microsoft Azure certification, you can become a certified Microsoft specialist and gain new professional heights in your career. You can excel in developing and architecting Microsoft Azure solutions through our specialized advanced courses in these areas. You can count on Trishana’s Azure training in Bangalore for exploring the best learning methodologies of cloud environment and create and host cloud based applications!

Why should you take Microsoft Azure course?

  • Average salary of a certified Azure developer is $127k
  • The market of Microsoft Azure will rise to $20billion by the end of 2018
  • Reputed companies around the globe use Microsoft Azure for cloud and computing purposes

Course Description

Our Microsoft Azure training is a specialized program designed for students willing to learn the basics and advanced concepts of Microsoft Azure. This training is built to produce more specialists and experts in the field of Azure. The course includes the modules covering basic principles of Microsoft Azure, creation of Azure Virtual machines, web applications, databases and Azure active dictionary. To improve your designing skills, the course also provides architecting course where you can implement web applications, manage cloud services and other Azure infrastructure components. This course also includes training and development where you can explore the Azure environment in terms of MVC application building, IaaS architecture services. Thus, if you are looking for one of the best training institute in Bangalore, choose Trishana.

Course Objectives

Trishana’s Microsoft Azure certification helps you to learn the advanced and improvised concepts of Microsoft Azure development. You can learn these concepts and gain expertise in developing and implementing Azure solutions. Our proficient trainers will help you:

  • Understand the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Microsoft Azure development and its real time applications in cloud computing
  • Expand your knowledge regarding cloud technology and web application development using Azure
  • Learn the best case studies and gain hands-on experience on working with complex challenges
  • Learn to implement and configure and manage the Azure active directory
  • Improvise your application development skills using Azure environment
  • Explore the technical documentation for using Microsoft Azure architecture
  • Manage, design and implement the storage services to master different Azure concepts
  • Learn different Azure concepts like Azure Ad, Azure sdk, Azure cloud based services, web application, database and much more

Why Learn Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading training and certifications which can add more value to your education. The certification for Microsoft Azure will open up plethora of job opportunities and career options for you in renowned companies. All the big names in the IT industry are using Microsoft Azure for their ultimate cloud based solutions. Learning Azure will help you excel in areas like virtual machine, cloud computing, managing databases, developing high impact applications, use the best networking solutions and much more. In upcoming years, Microsoft Azure is to gain new heights in cloud computing, analytics, networking and thus, is one of the most promising areas you must explore.

Who should go for this Course?

Companies like Infosys, Mindtree, and Wipro etc are using Microsoft Azure. This ensures its scope and new employment opportunities which will be created in this field. Microsoft Azure certification will help you learn the basics as well as promising concepts of Azure. This training will help you explore better career options if you are looking forward to build your career as an Azure architect, developer, database manager or simply as an Azure developer. For the best training in HRBR layout Bangalore, contact Trishana and get trained by professionals. We bring together the best instructors, resources, case studies, effective study material and video classes to provide a better learning environment.

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

Students looking forward to build a career as a Microsoft Azure engineers can take up our advanced Azure training and certification courses. Apart from this, below given are the prerequisites of this course:

  • Students who wish to become Azure developers can go for this course
  • The basic knowledge of and C# is necessary for effective web development
  • Working experience on any cloud based platform will help in learning Azure more effectively
  • Anyone having knowledge in IaaS, virtual machines, loud computing infrastructure support can go for this course
  • Software engineers/ professionals

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Introduction to Azure:

  • Cloud technology overview
  • Azure Infrastructure Review
  • Azure Portals l
  • Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell
  • Overview of Azure Resource Manager

Implementing and managing Azure networking :

  • Plan Virtual Networks
  • Implementing and managing Azure virtual networks
  • Configure Connections to Azure Virtual Networks

Implementing virtual machines:

  • Overview of Azure Resource Manager virtual machines
  • Planning for Azure virtual machines
  • Deploying Azure Resource Manager virtual machines
  • Authoring Azure Resource Manager templates
  • Overview of classic virtual machines

Implement Virtual Machines:

  • Configuring virtual machines
  • Configuring virtual machine disks
  • Managing and monitoring Azure virtual machines
  • Managing classic virtual machines

Implementing Azure App services :

  • Introduction to App Service
  • Planning app deployment in App Service
  • Implementing and maintaining web apps
  • Configuring web apps
  • Monitoring web apps and WebJobs
  • Implementing mobile apps
  • Traffic Manager

Overview of classic virtual machines Manage Virtual Machines :

  • Configure Virtual Machines
  • Manage and Configure Virtual Machine Disks
  • Manage and Monitor Azure Virtual Machines

Implement Azure App services :

  • Plan for App Deployment in App Service
  • Deploy, Configure, and Monitor Web Apps
  • Traffic Manager

Plan and Implement Storage, Backup, and Recovery Services:

  • Plan, Implement, and Manage Storage
  • Implement Azure Content Delivery Networks
  • Implementing Azure Backup and Azure Site Recover

Plan and Implement Azure SQL Database :

  • Deploy Azure SQL Database
  • Monitor Azure SQL Database
  • Manage Azure SQL Database Security and Azure SQL
  • Database Business Continuity

Implement PaaS Cloud Services :

  • Plan and Deploy PaaS Cloud Services
  • Configure Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Monitoring Cloud Services

Implement Azure Active Directory (AD) :

  • Create and Manage Azure AD tenants
  • Configure Application Integration with Azure AD
  • Overview of Azure AD Premium

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