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Artificial Intelligence is predicted as the future of information technology and we aim to bring this fascinating training in Bangalore through our training institute. At Trishana, we offer a dynamic and professional program for students willing to learn Artificial Learning and its diverse applications. We have the best artificial Intelligence professionals and instructors for facilitating deep learning. Our professional graduate-level AI program is designed to facilitate the students with a flexible and productive learning platform. Through our specialized program, we aim to promote excellent learning and career boosting training.

Why should you take Artificial Intelligence course?

  • There are very few AI experts in the industry when compared to the ample job scopes available for AI.
  • The salary of AI engineer ranges from $84k to $148k.
  • Artificial intelligence will impact and boost the transport, logistics, health care, customer service and many other such industries by 2025.

Course Description

Our AI course is designed to bring expert and detailed AI education in Bangalore. Our AI program is a high level professional course which includes the fundamentals and advanced AI concepts. The course curriculum consists of guiding principles of AI, designing of Neural networks, machine and deep learning concepts affecting real life scenarios, applications of AI in diverse fields etc. This course also covers the history and emerge of AI, problem solving using AI, machine learning algorithms, business intelligence with games, logic etc. Our AI course helps students to develop effective excellent solutions while adapting logical methodologies. Looking for training in Kalyan Nagar Bangalore? Choose us!

Course Objectives

Trishana’s AI program is specially designed to help the students excel in fighting real life problems and develop effective solutions using AI technology. Also, our expert trainers will help you:

  • Learn the basic principles, concepts and history of AI
  • Understand the requirement of AI in different fields and help to develop suitable solutions
  • Solve the real life problems using the advanced technologies of AI
  • Learn advanced concepts like Natural language processing, Robotics, Gaming, algorithm development etc.
  • Learn python to develop AI solutions
  • Explore the applications of AI in education, healthcare, logistics and such huge industries
  • Explore and understand machine learning algorithms for logical development
  • Understand the scope and use of business intelligence and application of smart computers in various fields

Why Learn Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence training institute near me is the emerging future technology which will take the world by storm. From advanced search options to high end robotic development, from advanced medical facilities to automation in vehicles, AI is all set to embrace technology. Here are a few reasons why you must learn AI:

  • AI will provide effective solutions for medical, customer service, automation and other related areas
  • Also, there are ample job opportunities for AI engineers in different areas as compared to other positions
  • Learning AI, will not only help you understand and learn advanced AI concepts but will also help you adopt a logical approach towards building real life solutions

Who should go for this Course?

Our AI program is an intellectually designed curriculum which is designed to bring dedicated AI learning in Bangalore. Our course facilitates the students to learn AI concepts, solutions and applications in a detailed way. While collaborating with AI experts, we bring together the modern teaching methodologies and tools to educate the students. Our training helps the students to learn AI at a professional level and get certified. Our dedicated and intensive learning program also helps the students to explore the high profile jobs in different industries. Our AI course is a full-time dedicated course through which students can turn into professionals and get employed in reputed firms. We aim to emerge as the best training institute in Bangalore while providing excellent and professional training in different technologies.

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

All the candidates aspiring to become AI engineers can go for this course. There are several other pre requisites of this course which include:

    • Engineering graduates having knowledge in machine learning and cognitive systems
    • Students willing to build a career in automation or business intelligence
    • IT professionals/ Project managers/ Software engineers
    • Basic knowledge of c, c++ and java
    • Working knowledge and experience in Python
    • Candidates having expertise in various mathematical concepts like calculus, matrices etc.

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Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Overview of Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning
  • Linear Regression
  • Clustering with K-means
  • Naive Bayes Classification

Introduction to Neural Networks

  • Data Processing for Machine Learning
  • Advanced Data Mugging
  • Outlier Analysis
  • Treating for missing values
  • Normalization vs Standardization of data
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Supervised Machine Learning algorithms
  • K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) concept and application
  • Naive Bayes concept and application
  • Logistic Regression concept and application
  • Classification Trees concept and application
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms
  • Clustering with K-means concept and application
  • Hierarchial Clustering concept and application

Building and Training Machine Learning models

  • Setting up the project with ML workflow.
  • Data Preprocessing and statistical exploration
  • Building , Training and evaluation of Machine Learning Model
  • Artificial intelligence course near me
  • Trishana Bangalore, Trishana Bellandur

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